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The Grand List of Homebrew Content: Themed Lists

From May 1st to May 31st 2024, I challenged myself to make a brand new, underwater-related homebrew creation every day.

I've been doing two of these themed months of daily content each year since 2020.

Day 1: Seasoak Cape (cape) uncommon

Day 2: Coral Cat (monster)
Day 3: Marble Oyster (food creature) Free
Day 4: Boots of the Mermaid (boots) uncommon

Day 5: Glitter Crab (monster)
Day 6: Emerald Urchin (monster)
Day 7: The Coral Crown of Vahtah (treasure) Free
Day 8: Lakegarden (point of interest)
Day 9: Seacellar Wine (beverage) uncommon

Day 10: Boneborn Oyster (food creature) Free
Day 11: Kraken's Tentacle (whip) uncommon

Day 12: Valspoke (monster)
Day 13: Aqualeather (alchemy material)
Day 14: Footfins (equipment)
Day 15: Thunder Kelp (plant) Free
Day 16: Horrifying Clownfish (monster)
Day 17: Remora Gloves (gloves) Free uncommon

Day 18: Brine Slime (monster)
Day 19: Titan Isopod (monster)
Day 20: Sea Monarch's Ring (ring) legendary

Day 21: Kraken's Egg Shield (treasure) Free
Day 21 bonus: Blue Pearl's Dinnerware (treasure) Free
Day 22: Dread Sea Worm (monster)
Day 23: Deepsail Galleon (ship) very rare

Day 24: Seafall (spell)
Day 25: Radiant Pool of Thaquathis (point of interest)
Day 26: Grasp of the Depths (spell)
Day 27: Octopus Belt (belt) Free rare

Day 28: Cavitation Bolt (ammo) rare

Day 29: Ironside Snail (monster) Free
Day 30: Azure Sea Dragon (monster)
Day 31: Arm of the Deep (rogue subclass) Free
Day 31 bonus: Octopus Deep One (monster) Free

Other related creations:

- Anemone Lash (weapon) rare

- Aquatic (feat)
- Aquatic Armor (armor) rarity varies

- Barnacled Bones (monster)
- Blurpmirf's Staff (staff) SM Free uncommon

- Centifin (monster)
(wondrous item)
- Hobb's Anchor (weapon) ϕ Free rare

- Jangboko (monster) Free
- Jangboko Moholo (monster)
- Mahta'Uah, Jeweled Serpent of the Depths (NPC)
- Marine (fighter subclass)
- Neurajelly (monster) Free
- Riptide (spell)
- Riptide Whip (weapon) uncommon

- Sea Domain (cleric subclass)
- Seaweed Bloom (spell)
- Shock Shark (monster)
- Skullfiller Crab (monster) 💀 Free
- Slipfish (monster)
- Song Fish (monster) Free
- The Radiant Starfish, Golden Echinoderm (NPC)
- Tidewater Temple Tablet (treasure) Free
- Water Elf (ancestry/subrace) Free
- Water Half-Elf (ancestry/subrace) Free
- Wereshark (monster)
- Wraith Shark (monster)

From October 1st to October 31st 2023, I challenged myself to make a brand new, orc-related homebrew creation every day.

I've been doing two of these themed months of daily content each year since 2020.

Day 1: Celebration of the Orc (aka, Orctoberfest) Free
Day 2: Recipe for Elf Ear Soup
Day 3: Blackroot Ale
Day 4: Relentless Fury
Day 5: Keth Free
Day 6: Fang of Vengeance
Day 7: Scro Lynul
Day 8: Wo'nak Krin
Day 9: The Black Gutters
Day 10: Raid Leader's Helm
Day 11: Book of Guurs
Day 12: Saaf Nreth
Day 13: Frailhunter Sword
Day 14: Bloodlust Mist
Day 15: Scrar Grikpa Free
Day 16: Meat Juice
Day 17: Howl of Battle
Day 18: Bor Ferk
Day 19: Warboar Wagon
Day 20: Arrowbreaker's Armor
Day 21: Orcish Humor
Day 22: Cho Gozol Suuf
Day 23: Groth Zotha Free
Day 24: Suufchak Zotha
Day 25: Hagdor Bozkuroth, Skull Crusher
Day 26: Vorna Guurdomir, Beast of the Water
Day 27: Morc, Oversized Orc
Day 28: Gah Kall, No Kill Orc
Day 29: Kavchak Nul, Sword of Night
Day 30: Falmak Grok, Famous Mage
Day 31: Orcgozol the Everdead, Orc Vampire Free

From February 1st to February 28th 2023, I challenged myself to make a brand new, bird-related homebrew creation every day.

I've been doing two of these themed months of daily content each year since 2020.

Day 1: Birdminder's Aviary Free
Day 2: Feathersword ϕ Free
Day 3: Crown of the Feathered Folk Free
Day 4: Feathered Duster Free
Day 5: Luonzog Free
Day 6: Bird, Little Free
Day 7: Birds of a Feather Free
Day 8: Vugeldraach Free
Day 9: The Eagles' Nest Free
Day 10: Feathered Dragon Free
Day 11: Eagle's Step Sandals Free
Day 12: Hummingbird Robe Free
Day 13: Campfire Swallow Free
Day 14: Lonely Lovebird Free
Day 15: Owl's Coat Free
Day 16: Circle of the Feathered Free
Day 17: Crow's Nest Free
Day 18: Vulture Company Mercenaries Free
Day 19: The Big Bird, Curious Friend Free
Day 20: The Auctioned Egg Free
Day 21: Armor of the Thunderbird Free
Day 22: Snow Bird Free
Day 23: Hat of Distracting Doves Free
Day 24: Sparrow's Mask Free
Day 25: Light as a Feather Free
Day 26: Owl Cowl Free
Day 27: Silver Hawk Free
Day 28: Bird of Prey Free

If you are running a Halloween-themed adventure or just want to give a nod to the holiday in your games, I've made a few suitable creations over the last few years.

- Mask of the Wolfman Free rare

- Haunted Free
- College of the Thriller Free
- Bag Man, Buggy Bad Guy  P 
- Headless Horse Man Free
- Frightstealer Goblin
- Goblin of Treats and Trickery
- Guardian Gourd
- Cho Gozol Suuf
- Orcgozol the Everdead, Orc Vampire Free
- Vira Blackstone's Spider Brooch Free

Many of the skeletal Skull-ly creations would also be suitable. These are in the grand list below, marked with 💀. Ctrl+F can help to find them quickly.

If you are running a winter holidy-themed adventures or want to drip a few related creations into your regular game, I've crafted a few suitable creations over the last few years.

- Candy Cane rare

- Cookies of Good Cheer uncommon

- The Sleigh of Slaying very rare

- Oven Mitts of Might Free rare

- Gingerbread Terror Free
- Hot Chocolate Surprise Free
- Slay Bells Ring Free
- Snowman's Curse
- Crystalwitch Star Ornament Free
- Corrupt Snowman ϕ Free
- Snowscape